Debounce time

Is it possible to define a debounce time to a gpio less than 1ms (without interop) ?

I assume you are referring to a variable much like glitchFilterTime or something like that in NETMF, however I will say:

The debounce time is determined by the switch itself and its interactions with the circuit. I believe affected mainly by capacitance.

So even if you were able to receive changes in input and the switch is bouncing during this period then you will get more input changes than desired.

In netmf using interrupt driven gpio gave me a wide range of ~ 5ms to ~20ms until processed.

Polling was better. If you can get an update loop to execute @ ( >= 1000 hz ) then the answer is yes!

Not sure if TinyCLR offers another way.

Unfortunately in the current release the GPIO provider only accepts milliseconds for debounce time. We will look into changing it to the system time scale (.NET ticks) for the next release.


What I like from GHI is that when a good news comes, it doesn’t exclude another ! :blush:

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