Dead Raptor?

I have just taken a new raptor fresh out of the bag but when I plug it into the computers USB port it doesn’t load a driver. If I put it into loader mode by grounding socket 3 pin 8 it does load the bossa programming port driver. If I try to update the loader, it shows an error:

external ram access is required to run applets

Is there any way to recover this board?

Note: I have unplugged all peripheral devices except the power module!

edit: the full error is:

Read device Chip ID at 0xfffff240 --- get 0x819a05a1
-I- Found processor : at91sam9g15 (Chip ID : 0x819a05a1)
sourcing device file C:/Program Files (x86)/Atmel/sam-ba_2.12/sam-ba.exe/../tcl_lib/devices/at91sam9g15.tcl
sourcing board description file C:/Program Files (x86)/Atmel/sam-ba_2.12/sam-ba.exe/../tcl_lib/at91sam9g15-ek/at91sam9g15-ek.tcl
-I- Loading applet applet-lowlevelinit-sam9g15.bin at address 0x300000
-I- Memory Size : 0x0 bytes
-I- Buffer address : 0x4
-I- Buffer size: 0x0 bytes
-I- Applet initialization done
-I- Low level initialized
-I- External RAM Settings :  extRamVdd=0, extRamType=1, extRamDataBusWidth=32, extDDRamModel=0
-I- External RAM Settings :  extRamVdd=0, extRamType=1, extRamDataBusWidth=32, extDDRamModel=0
-I- Loading applet applet-extram-sam9g15.bin at address 0x300000
-E- Error during external RAM initialization.
-E- External RAM access is required to run applets.
-E- Connection abort

@ networkfusion -

Are you using 4.2 or 4.3 SDK, please?

4.3, 2015 R1. SAMBA 2.12

@ networkfusion - Please contact us with your order number to start an RMA. The board is defective.

That might be easier said than done… but I will contact you (tomorrow GMT) regardless to explain.

Request sent via the contact us form. Thanks.

@ GHI - This RAM issue is the same one I’ve seen on 3 G400-based boards now. I’ve sent back the defective units. Is there any new information on the analysis of my defective boards?

This post will probably not be at all helpful, but wasn’t their some sort of discovery recently that some tricky timing value related to the SDRAM used on some G400-based boards was right on edge of some threshold, that caused some units to occasionally bootup/run very slowly, sometime depending on ambient temperature, and sometime causing complete inability to access the ram from a certain batch?

Or did I imagine all that? Or was that from an alternate timeline created from one of my experiments next year?

Edit: Nevermind, that was related to the EMX module, not the G400

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