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DC motor shield question


This is a noob question.
I have received a Domino with DC motor shield.
I have also a 3V motor. I have connected directly this motor to shield’s M1-/M1+
Right now my Domino is powered through USB.

With this simple code :
FEZ_Shields.DCMotorDriver.MoveRamp(100, 0, 100);
=> My motor does not move :(. Intead of this, I can hear my Domino/Shield emitting a small sound… Sounds bad!

The LED3 turns dark as soon as I connect my motor. If my motor is not connected, it increases blinking (following the MoveRamp instruction)

Any idea?


I think this shield gets its power from the power connector not USB cable


You mean, Domino’s power connector (i) ? or an ext power on the shield (ii) ?

In case of (ii) => The shield I use is :
It does not have external power.


OK I tried with 12V ext power connected to Domino, and a 12V motor.
It’s working great. Thanks!