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Database Sample Code Error


I would like to know if database will work on an emulator or not and
I tried the sample from this link:
but I’m getting this error:


GHI libraries will not work on Microsoft Emulator.


Thanks for the reply Gus.
saying that it won’t work on an emulator. i also tried deploying it into Chipworkx module but still those error exists. what should i do to fix it?


Those are compile errors. You need to add the appropriate assemblies.

Start with the beginner’s guide ebook please.


Gus, I tried it and it works. :slight_smile:
Question is, is it normal that there is nothing shown on my chipworkx screen?
It only says, “waiting for debug commands…”


Yes normal. It will only show something if you ask it to do so.


If you don’t mind Gus, could you give me a sample code where in the data on my database will be shown on the chipworkx. for example:
Getting the information from my database to be shown on a combobox in Glide, something like that.
I really hope you could help me. :slight_smile:


This is more a complete application not a support request :slight_smile:

Start by displaying simple text on the screen and skip glide till you understand how displays work.


Ok then. :slight_smile:
If you are talking about plainly displaying a message on the screen, then i am done with that.
What I’m confused about is to how would I display the info from my database on the screen. ???
If you could not give me a code, then any reference that I could use to know how to do this?


Anyway, I’ll just try to learn it then. Thanks. :slight_smile: