Data encryption for the GSM module


if I have 2 modules with 2 sim cards and I will send an SMS from the one to the other I can encrypt it on the one side and decrypt it on the other side right?
So is it possible too to encrypt the data when I call the second module? So encrypt the audio stream and decrypt it on the other side?


Your question is a little confusing… Are you talking about encrypting/decrypting an SMS text message or an audio stream? Encrypting & decrypting and SMS text message is simple but you’ll have to do it all manually. There are several available encryption libraries available. You’ll probably also have to base 64 encode the encrypted data before transmitting. Encrypting an audio stream on the other hand would be a little more difficult depending on how real-time you need to do it.


sry for the misunderstanding. I meaned both. Yes SMS encryption and decryption is easy. Write text, encrypts it, send it, decrypts it.
And now I want to know whether its possible to encrypt the audio stream too. If I do a call maybe with some delay.