DaisyLink / MultiColour LED Module

Hey guys,

I did some googling for this answer first, so forgive me if it has been covered many times and I just have not been able to find it, but:

How many devices can you have on the daisylink bus? ie. how many multicolourled modules can I chain together?

I added a whole bunch in the Visual Studio designer to see if I would eventually get an error from the software but it let me add about a dozen without any problems. Perhaps I did not hit the max?

I guess the other, related question is, does the visual studio designer enforce all the limits / restrictions of the hardware? ie. would it let me add so many modules (f.ex as above with the leds) that the actual project wouldn’t work when constructed?

Thank you!

This was never in the specifications. The multicolor led module 1.1 worked with up to 8 modules. Then this was enhanced in version 1.2 where we tested 20 and it worked just fine. I think a lot more will still work but then you are overloading the power.

So the answer is, theoretically speaking, it is unlimited. In reality, the limit is a factor of what module is used and how good it is designed, but in general 10 should be just fine.

  1. By design you should be able to add up to 126 per each socket. What is practical number, I guess that depends on the module itself.

  2. I am not sure there is a check like that. I haven’t seen that in code.

Interesting, thanks again guys :slight_smile:

Architect is right, there is a 7 bit address so the max theoretical limit is 126 (127?)

Yes,it is 126. 127 (0x7F) is a special default address that every module responds to until it is assigned a new address from 1-126 range by the main board. Main board assigns addresses starting with 1 to the closest module in the chain on each socket. So the maximum theoretical number of modules is 126*(number of X and Y sockets).

Again, great to know. Thanks for the clarification :slight_smile: