Daisy link + arduino

question for architect really,

just for fun Im playing with a arduino and my spider with the daisylink protocol, I noticed on your website it seems you have achieved this and the log said you would post the code and further explainations, Im guessing other awesome stuff happened and you never got around to it, anyway any chance you have the code for both kicking around anywhere ? as Im interested now the nights are getting dark and wet to delve into this, I found the previous work done interest and don't really want to reinvent the wheel, I know its a bit lazy but taking a starting point seems to be simpler as to be quite honet Im still struggling to get my head around the daisylink stuff

thanks in advance

Ok. I’ll try my best and get it up there. Hopefully this weekend.

Note guys that we have it implemented for Medusa, which is arduino compatible.

Hi Guys,
this maybe the answer to my Quest on using arduino ready libraries and sensors in NETMF.
Architect have you made any progress on this ?
Can you share your findings. on how to turn arduino into a Daisylink compatible board?


Ooops :-[

Sorry, forgot about it. Anyways I have just added everything I have found to the codeshare:


Arduino sketch
Arduino DL library
Eagle files for the module

It has been awhile since I have touched that code, but it was fully functional DL Arduino module. All you need is serial module to program it.


@ Nubiarn - So, how close are you?

I have a generic ArduinoDL module similar to DL40 based on the same design that I did for the contest and uploaded to the codeshare.

sorry for not getting back on this, I have also posted on the other post in general regarding this.

as progress goes I have a eaglecad board layout, currently deciding wheter the do a mark2 board at the same time but with addressable dip switch IC, investigating this currently.

I currently have a couple or ardunios and a spider all on daisylink and are playing about with the driver.

as for time scales I only really use this stuff for winter evening fun so it will take what it takes. when I eventually get something completed Ill just realise the lot free as I have no intention of making modules for selling, as it is purely a hobby for me. Ill keep you posted about progress though.

also thanks to architect for posting his work up, as ever I really don’t know where you get the time to be so helpful to the community but I know it is appreciated by many.