DAC output on Panda II goes high when programming

I notice that when I program my Panda II board, the DAC output pin, AN3 saturates to 3.3 v while programming. Is there anyway to prevent this? The DAC output will be connected to a very sensitive pin on a measurement device and it can’t handle 3.3v outputs.

Can I pull this pin down somehow when programming? If not, then I’ll have to rethink a lot of things, including using the Panda II board. That would not be good :frowning:

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Can you use a pull-down resistor?

Thanks for the quick reply!

I guess that begs the bigger question: Are these pins driven high or are they floating high when programming? Does it have internal pull-downs when in DAC mode? I suppose I could use a large external pull-down. Must ponder.

These pins are using internal pull-ups.You will need an external pull-down.