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D Language for native


It would seem this could be interesting for fez devices. c# like, GC collected, but native code. Kind of a middle ground between fully managed c# and native c++. I believe it has an ARM compiler as well.




C-like syntax sounds scary but the language has been influenced by C#, Java, Python, Ruby and Eiffel so i guess it’s worth trying out. You can also use Visual Studio as your IDE with this plugin


Well, C# has c-like syntax, so it’s not THAT scary. When they say c-like syntax, usually they just mean “uses braces to denote code blocks”.

There is a D-to-MSIL compiler that produces .NET assemblies from D code. I wonder if these could be made to run on NETMF. Hmm.

Other than that, one would need to write a new compiler backend for the various ARM architectures. No small task. An easier proposition would be to write a D compiler frontend for something like LLVM or the GCC backend. Maybe something like this has been done already.