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Cute ethernet gotcha


Well - I played around with the ethernet module earlier today - got it set up and properly initializing with DHCP.

Well - later, I tore that apart and set up a program using an extender (preparing to try to read DS18B20’s).
Tried to deploy - but board was acting very funny - not responding for a LONG time, then ok until reset pressed (using MFDeploy to ping).

Well, doh! The earlier ethernet program was still deployed, and would try to DHCP during it’s startup - but no ethernet attached, so it waits to time out! like, a minute or so. Every reset starts the timeout again…

reattach ethernet, DHCP resolves quickly (5 seconds?) and then I can overwrite the program.

Just in case someone else runs into something similar while trying significantly different configurations…


I usually only use DHCP when I am done debugging and ready to deploy for production.