Customer Service

Everyone has their own views on customer service and how to create the best customer experience but the goal at the end is the same: satisfied customers. I recently found a book that is a small read called The Fred Factor. Anyone who is in a customer service position should read it. If you have read it, what do you think?


@ Gary
it would have been a nice customer service of you, if you have offered the book instead of asking us to buy and then read the book, haven’t you learned anything from that book :whistle:


I knew there was something missing, I will create a contest of some sort in April and give a few books out, thank you for that amazing idea.


dang not the expected answer, you are becoming a bit too nice :), nonetheless the contest is welcomed :slight_smile:

My first response was “mind your own damn business” :whistle: but because of the book I didn’t say it.

lol that’s more like it :), and since the book had that much affect on you, then it’s definitely worth the read :slight_smile:

cheers and thanks for the find :clap:

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Are we seeing the end of the lists? Or will it just be harder to get on one?

Once you are on a list then you are no longer a customer ;D