Custom USB Device with WinUSB - continued

Was kind of hoping to see some posts at to what is next for the GHI Electronics .NETMF SDK product line. I have monitored the following issue but there has been no interest shown with votes so far or otherwise for that matter.

I have one design win pretty tightly coupled to the G400-S where tightly is a FPGA controlling a 180 volt bi-polar pulse train to … There is a good chance that we will have a second design win with 20 channel thermal cycler controller based on the G400-S running as a PI controller. It appears we have lost a third design win that I had working more or less on a G80-TH.

We have worked with GHI Electronics in the past to get the Custom USB Device with WinUSB feature working and that has worked out quite well, as it is now used with the latest SDK.

We are looking for the above task tracker item and several other related issues to be addressed. We have looked at the porting kit and would see where to make the changes in that code base.

Is there a different Software Engineering rate for items that are released back to the GHI Electronics customer user base or are the changes kept private? Just curious as haven’t seen this approach mention. As in the above example the feature was clearly beneficial to both companies.

Please advise how a we might move forward with this in this forum or to direct message Gary.


gary . beaver (at) ghielectronics dot com

email him direct