Custom UART SerialPort Pin Configuration G400D

I am working with a board I designed using a G400D SoM and I managed to reverse my Tx/Rx connections on my PCB. While I’m going to make changes and get a new revision, I was wondering if there was a “quick and dirty” way to use a UART with reversed RX/TX pins or if anyone had code to implement a custom RS485 Driver in RLP. I know it’s a long shot… but I’m relatively new to the G400D and I’m hoping to glean from some existing experience.

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Depends on what kind of speed you need, you might be able to go away with software UART implementation even using managed code.

@ Architect - Even 9600 would get me by just fine. Do you really think the managed code could do that? 1 bit/104 us? … Seems too fast for managed code. Maybe I’m not giving it enough credit.

xacto knife and bodge wires. Cut the traces and swap them over.