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Custom Stepper Driver has me stumped


I’ve determined that having the eval board isn’t going to help. The problem seems to lay in how the mosfets are being driven. The settings for the eval board most likely won’t work with my board.

After making some changes to the parameters, I am now getting an undervoltage lockout. This implies that VCC is being shorted to GND. I suspect that the low side mosfets are turning back on before the high side ones are fully off.


Looking for some confirmation. Can anyone spot the problem?


Whoops, gate is on the wrong pin.

Have you tried doing a bodgey wire hack?


Trying it now. I just removed the mosfets from one driver.


Solder them back on but bend the 2 pins that are wrong upwards first. Also solder the jumper link to the board before you solder the mosfets back on.


Slowly getting there.


Well, that was an epic fail.


?? What happened, magic smoke?


Was trying to build something that had already been done years ago. Might as well use ST’s solution.