Custom PCB

Hi Have anyone successfully create a custom PCB for G400D using the pinout information available on the site?

If I am right Simon from Vilnus did it. I am also currently doing a custom one.

@ prtscr - What are you needing specifically?

Hi Aron

I will need the minimum pins(i.e. VCC and Gnd) needed to be connected for Ethernet to work for G400D.

Any special pins I should take note of?

VCC and GND are well described in the pin out brochure.

Any other Pins besides that?

@ prtscr - As leforban has mentioned, all of the power and ground pins are labeled. The module should be receiving adequate power.

All power and ground pins should be connected and VCC should be 3.3V.

In the G400 documentation, it is strongly recommended to route also mode, ldr0 and ldr1.

I looked at the eagle file provided in the website.

Can GHI advise which layer is the 3.3V

Looking at the Eagle design files, 3.3V is the top layer plane and GND is on the bottom layer plane.

The top are traces in red while bottom traces are in blue.
From the board routing, the Vcc pins are no connected suggesting there might be on a separate layer.

Can any one help to confirm this?

They appear to be unused to me. I would expect a via if they went to a different layer.

They are NOT unused. They are simply not connected to a visible trace. If you run a RATSnest command you’ll see the floodfill gets completed and they are connected.

Thanks Brett!!!

It make sense now.

That’s one of the things that caught me out when viewing Eagle files. The planes don’t automatically show up.