Custom PCB?

I have little to no electronics knowledge and had an idea for a project that I’d like to make multiples of. After researching I found that having custom PCBs made would be my best option after I make a prototype. My main question is would I be able to take a mainboard and modules and have it all put on a PCB with the little experience I have? What are the recommendations for me to look into?

It is all copy past to go from modules to a single board but it still requires some experience. You can try and we can try to help or you can hire GHI or one of the community experts to do it for you.

Welcome to the community.

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Thanks for the welcome and responses. What would I need to learn mainly? I could get assistance from an electrician I know but I figure I’d need more of an engineer. Just wish there was a beginners guide on this kind of stuff :p.

There is. Start reading Eagle pcb tutorials.

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By the way, couple weeks ago I did a two hour Eagle training at our hacker group. :slight_smile:

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Haven’t gotten to look into eagle will look up stuff. Thank you.

Any video of that, so that we non-Michiganders can benefit from it as well?

@ Vysse - Not so long ago I had no experience. It took couple of video tutorials from sparkfun on how to use Eagle and I was able to design and manufacture my first PCB.

Or even better go to YouTube. There are several really good video training series there.

After watching videos it doesn’t seem to bad especially with the schematics being available. Now my concern is that you seem to need to solder on the chips yourself yet I can’t seem to find where some chips are sold. Any input on that? Also how does the netmf end up on the board?

What chips in particular?

Two main sources I’ve been using are mouser and digikey.

Same for me. I had very little coding and no experience about a year ago and since then ive made a few modules and even a main board! Top fun too.