Custom Attributes Feature

Any chance we could see the GetCustomAttributes() reflection method added to TinyCLR? It’s looks like this feature was being considered back in the .netmf days but never made it into the firmware/interpreter. I’m often finding myself wishing for this development feature. I’m curious if its an enhancement being considered?

Here are a few areas I think would be improved if we had the feature.

  1. Serialization - Serialization is much more natural with it
  2. Test Harness - Building a simple a test harness and possibly a complete test framework
  3. Network/Web Services - MVC style network/web services
  4. Code Readability - Using interfaces to work around this limitation get messy quickly
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There are two concerns around this request. Assemblies are stripped from unneeded things to reduce size. And this is a productivity enhancement feature vs must have. Can we talk about this after we release TinyCLR to production? We have many commercial customers with products that needs to be released, waiting for TinyCLR production release.

Sure! I get it.

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Any chance we can see this any time soon?

Nothing on this but we have something cooking that I can’t talk about just yet

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Does it begin with “A”?

Apple :grin: iCLR