Current .NET Version 4.2 using WiFi RS21 Module

I saw some code posted by Duke Nukem ( TOPIC [Question]Potential IPAddress Bug in Wifi )

My GHI WiFi RS21 Module PCB is marked as Version 1.2 (Not sure if there are different versions out there)

Anyway, I threw together a application for the Spider using the sample code provided by Duke and it seems to work!
I have been trying but I had some coding issues and my code was not working well. In fact, I was trying to use the Time Server for a time stamp
and his code fit right into what I wanted to do.

My main point here is that I was going to provide my application on Codeshare
(It is mostly Dukes code and I just added some debugging messages and a few other thing for my needs)

Then I got to thinking… Would this be inappropriate?

So if Duke is out there… Is it OK if I post the sample code?

I thought that others could use your code because it “Worked for my needs”

And it sort of proves that 4.2 and WiFi CAN get along…

No problem, please share, as likely I picked up pieces from here and there as well. Gadgeteer, TinyCLR and its community rock!!!

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