Current Loop Recevier for a FEZ SPider

ok, I need to build two 4-20 MA current loop receivers.

Besides building from scratch, anyone have any ideas?

Or is there a module for the spider I could use?


I don’t know of a module for a 4-20ma sensor. But it might have a pretty wide appeal since there’s still a fair few sensors out there that use this (even with this little thing called “digital” IO :wink: )

Hi danmeland,

I have some 4 - 20 mA transducer I need to read. The readings I need to make are in the bottom half of the range of the transducers so a 250 ohm resistor in the current loop will provide a 1 to 5 volt signal. In my case i will be reading in the 1 to 3 volt range. I intend to use an analog input and ground to the board ground.