Curbuino Bee Enable Random Number Generator

I’m using the register class in 4.3 to try and enable the random number generator (RNG) peripheral in the STM32F405 microcontroller on the Cerbuino bee but I can’t seem to set the enable bit to a one. According to the reference manual pg.752 ( in order to enable the random number generator, bit 2 in the RNG control register (0x50060800) needs to be set to a one. I try and use SetBits but when I read back the value of the register, the 2nd bit is still a zero. I can successfully set bits in other registers but not this one. Do you guys know what I’m doing wrong? THX

// Random Number Generator Control Register
Register REG_RNG_CR = new Register(0x50060800);
// Set bit 2 to a one to enable random number generator
REG_RNG_CR.SetBits(1 << 2);
// Read RNG Control Settings

Output in debug window: