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Ctrl dot tip


File in the misc tips category.
When typing a class name that is not in “using” scope yet, just start type the name and hit Ctrl+. (dot). You get a context list and can select the namespace to add a Using statement and keep going.


private AutoResetEvent(ctrl+.) // Select the "using System.Threading" namespace and keep going.

Time saver.


Good one! I will try it later


Great tip! Thank you.


We should really have a thread/forum for horribly obscure VS tips…


There is a Visual Studio add-in called ReSharper from JetBrains. If you really care about making your life easier while programming, invest in a license. If I type something and I don’t have a reference to it, it will tell me and all I have to do is hit the ‘tab’ key and it adds it.

If you are a student, you can qualify for a significantly discounted license.

Aside from that, you can probably just go on Stack Overflow and find this stuff out instead of creating a new thread. This way if you find something you like and post it on Stack Overflow, everyone can learn about it and not just this little community.


You can get all the keyboard shortcuts here:

And what I really like, is the conditionnal breakpoint: you can set it by right clicking on the breakpoint indicator (red dot). And it’s support Intellisense too!