CSHTML5 - Silverlight Rises from the Dead!

Just “discovered this yesterday”. Has anyone else used it yet?

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https://www.cshtml5.com/ ← past https://blazor.net/ ← future

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Nope, I disagree. I need Dock Panels, ribbon menus, grid templates and status bars.

yes, everything not achievable without Silverlight
wonder how Azure, Project Honolulu and all the other Websites work without Silverlight

serious ?


CSHTML5 is not “the past” compared to Blazor as you implied earlier, since CSHTML5 can fully integrate Blazor. They actually made a first PoC which runs great, the only downside is performance, due to Mono interpreter. You can check it out here:


As for OP, you can give CSHTML5 a try for free on cshtml5.com, and activate the trial version directly from the free version.

Hope this helped !

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I’ve evaluated both of them (Blazor took way longer btw). Both are beta, but CSHTML5 is much further along, and looks very promising. Blazor doesn’t even have debug capabilities yet; which is deal breaker. CSHTML5 lacks some fundamental features that I use a lot and I don’t want to have to make a work around (WPF features), which Blazor would require me to write a whole lot of html to do anything, whereas CSHTML5 already has my dock panel. I don’t want to have to mess with html so much. Blazor has an active community however. They are responsive and helpful. I’m still waiting for the account activation email for CSHTML5’s forum.

I guess in the end, you go with the technology with the best community (not vendor) support: Blazor it is.

Thanks Kevin

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My gut tells me that Microsoft will dump their current Razor WebApplication for Blazor as soon as its close to production ready. Based on what I’ve read and seen MVC6 was much more mature than what they have going now so I’m watching the whole Blazor framework very closely. I guess my question is what application or website would Blazor/Web Assembly be a real game changer for. I’ve thought about it and ya it seems cool, but more a of a novelty than a game changer. Case in point I look at WebGL2 and think wow that’s a game changer, There are now experiences I can bring to the web that I couldn’t before.

I dunno about others, but I want to use it on SharePoint Online.

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