CRFID Module

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I am wondering if there is / will be a CRFID module?

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Martin Stein

There is a DFRobot Iso14443 (Mifare) RFID module that has been floating around…

I am an RFID specialist SW engineer - I’ve been meaning to pick one of these up to run it through its paces.

It seems to be based on the NXP RC522 rfid asic which is a pretty common one. Its basically an RC622 with all the ISO15693/SLI stuff stripped out.

I wish they would do an RC622 based one, though - ISO15693 doesnt need the authentication steps that ISO14443 needs - so it would be much better for robotics, or anything moving quickly (quicker transactions = less time the tag needs to be in the field)

I was actually thinking of wiring up one of these:

to a gadgeteer socket and writing a small driver, so I could get ISO15693, since the application I intend to use it for would be a moving robot speeding over a small tag and reading the information quickly (too quickly for Mifare) :

I actually ordered two of those a couple weeks ago. I should get them any day now. I am curious how much range they get.