Creation - Threadneedle

I just posted Threadneedle on Creations. Feel free to discuss and make suggestions here.


I’ve never been able to come up with a viable use for a wearable that suits my life, but regardless, this is awesome!

BTW, who manufactured your board?

Defiantly awesome.

Sexy one, HughB. BTW, I worked a booth for the Nashville Mini Maker Faire last week at a local conference and showed off some Gadgeteer goods. I spoke at length with a lady who is currently using Lilypad boards. After giving her a walk-thru of Gadgeteer/NETMF she is very interested in your Threadneedle. I give her info on how to contact you and I think she’s going to join NashMicro. So, I should see her again soon.

Keep 'em coming!

(shameless NMMF plug attached)

Thanks Ian that’s great news. Now there is no reason why girls (or guys into fashion) can’t get their geek on.
As usual anyone that wants one just needs to email me or go via the form submission on the creations page item.

I must admit that STM 32 can be a real fiddle to solder on though :slight_smile:

@ Gregg - I got them made by DFRobot in china. There are a number of guys here that use their service. Its super cheap and a really professional quality. 10 day turnaround too!! @ Justin uses them exclusivley too.