Creation - STM Octopus

Check out my new STM Octopus on Creations. Feel free to discuss and make suggestions here.

@ Justin - excellent board and idea.

Can you please add “Based on FEZ Cerberus on your board” as explained in the license here (you should read the whole license section anyway)

We look forward to seeing all your creative creations listed as well.

@ Gus - i have read it…will update

@ Justin - are these ready to order now? What about the other parts of the stack?

@ ianlee74 - They were avaiable as soon as they were posted - there are even some in the wild…

I just didnt advertise the fact :wink:

Will put the other bits up soon…

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Cool. Hang onto one for me. As soon as the complete stack is available, I want one of each to begin my quadcopter upgrade :slight_smile:

@ ianlee74 - will do - but i have lots of ideas for stackable plates…so you might be waiting awhile until it is cough complete…

Remember you have to pimp your ride :whistle:

Maybe I should refine my list then…

  1. Octopus

  2. Power Distribution plate.

  3. Blank plate w/ holes

  4. ESC connector plate

  5. IMU plate? I can wait on this one since I already have an IMU.

@ ianlee74 - Whot - not RGB LED plate?

I’m disappointed…

Will keep you posted

I think GHI might have to buy you out Justin :slight_smile: This thing is too cool. I have to force myself to stop buying stuff this week, but an Octopus is on the short list of must haves.

@ FireyFate - i must admit i am having a good laugh playing during my lunch breaks :slight_smile:

Honestly, as cool as that would be, I 'm having a hard time trying to figure out how it would work for a quad. My initial thought was to put LEDs on the bottom of the Octopus since it will likely be the bottom plate but the battery is usually mounted underneath and in my case the Octopus will be mounted on top of a larger aluminum plate so it would be hard to see. What if you had a LED module that could mount vertically on the corner posts?

Also, some long (~6"), thin LED modules would be cool to mount on the arms to show direction and animations from above.

@ ianlee74 - i have a plan :wink:

I never doubted that…well, except for when it comes to getting your store up…but now it seems you did have a plan afterall…take over the GHI Community Creations page! :smiley:

BTW, I made a video for my course last night that showed off the many places to find Gadgeteer modules. I made no excuses for your Lorem Ipsum store… :wink:

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@ ianlee74 - te he he