Creation - Soldermonkey

I just posted Soldermonkey on Creations. Feel free to discuss and make suggestions here.


Do we have code access to the gas gauge? i.e. can we read the voltage and current of the battery during operation? If so, what’s the interface for this?

Looks brilliant, any drivers for the module? Couldnt find them on your page…??

I’ve been using the module for months. There is a Gadgeteer driver available. I ported it to pure NETMF, but haven’t gotten permission to post the code.

Its a great module, though like all things with a mini connector it can be a bit fragile. I broke the connector off one and don’t have the tools/skills to repair it :frowning:

Luckily I bought 2 and use the other on a daily basis

The interface is pretty straightforward and there’s a couple of ways to get at it. Personally, I read the voltage so I can better customize it to the specific battery I have attached.

So, Where is the drivers?


A little more info on this would be awesome …

I’ve not received permission to post the non gadgeteer version. It was easy enough to decompile the code and rework it.

I need info on possible other types of batteries and why holding back a non-gadgeteer driver. What’s going on?

I bought lots of the IMU of soldermonkey and try to get a working drivers, for nearly 6 months now… When I’m lucky I get an answer after 2~3 weeks. And I’m not lucky for 4 weeks at this moment…

And the IMU is still not working… I asked for having the code, to debug myself, but the guy didn’t seems to agree.

Arrgg, I was suspecting to end in a situation like that. Hmm, I hope Mr. Solermonkey will react and do something about this. Where are you buddy? :think: