Creation - RF Pipe

Check out my new RF Pipe on Creations. Feel free to discuss and make suggestions here.


Having already used some of these i can safely say they are great. Really easy to use too. none of the faffing around you need to do with Xbee

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@ HughB - earning the kick backs already :wink:

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@ Justin - Where are mine!!!

Yeah, I know… “the module is in the mail”… or “right after I finish my web store”.

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@ Mike - dunno what your talking about :whistle:

But in saying that i do have a tracking number somewhere…

O wait - you already have it - so back to work :smiley:

@ HughB - “faffing around” ??? For the record, XBees can be plug and play…

@ Justin - do you have any suggestions for the external antenna? I’m also wondering if you have tested the claim of a 3000ft range for those.

@ ransomhall - I have only really tested the internal version out to 300 feet.

I need to get a range of external antenna as i only have tested with my antenna off of RC remote and these which only have 2 db gain…

The 3000 feet is from the manufactures data - and that will be when all the planets are aligned all phones are turned off and Lady Gaga runs for president…

Will get something like these for a test…

@ ransomhall - hehe last time I played around with my xbees it seemed a lot of faff to get them talking. I had Justin’s working in 5 mins :slight_smile:

@ Mike - I had to give the ones I used at the hackathon back to Justin. I was sorely tempted to cut and run :slight_smile:

@ HughB - my network should be in the mail

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I thought about the compatible ?
I have some Xbees already(15).
I guess the new module can’t communicate with xbee,
So, this two kind of RF module can’t work in the same project.

You are correct. The two types of modules can not communicate with each other.

Perhaps you could get a bridge going if one of your devices was running both.

@ Mike - Im going to order some once i get my latest project out the door. An when J has some time to make em :wink:

@ HughB - I find if you insult Justin he delivers faster. :slight_smile:


I never had community delivery speedier than Justin!

@ njbuch - lets just hope Royal Snail doesn’t spoil the party :whistle:

Great module Justin,

What will it take to do similar to this (link below) in NETMF? since these module can be had for less then $5… hell it would be the ultimate solution if our boards can talk to these modules…

this is what I wish to see happening in NETMF world, solution that are as cheap as Arduino world… I mean look at them they can be had for less than $5 for the module and a complete node solution for less than $12…


@ Jay Jay - Nothing to stop anyone making a module from them.

For me it comes down to time - or lack there of as i just play during my lunch break during a very busy daytime job.

The RF pipe was made due to a great RF module being available and very easy to use so for me a no briner.

Yes the the Noridic is cheap but how much would a plug and play Arduino module really cost as most of the cheap Arduino stuff if the cost of making it yourself, not buying a ready to plug in device.

I just wish i could play full time…