Creation - IL-G-WROOM02

I just posted IL-G-WROOM02 on Creations. Feel free to discuss and make suggestions here.


Got the boards, thanks, now need time to try them out. Too many projects

Couple questions
Where would I find the driver code? Can you post a link?

What is the minimum hardware required? Would it work with a Reaper?

Driver code is on nuget : PervasiveDigital.Hardware.ESP8266
or source code : [url][/url]
With example code here : [url][/url]


@ munderhill -

Sure would be nice if you supplied a simple pinout of the socket to the IL-G-WROOM02.


Um, it’s Gadgeteer, and socket type U. There’s not much else to it…

@ Brett -

I realize that but I still think it is a reasonable thing to ask for.

I’m genuinely interested - what will it give that looking at the standard U socket diagram wouldn’t give? If you really wanted to get deeper, you can open the code and it will tell you that they’re not using the GPIO pins on the U socket for anything (the example code passes NULL in for the reset and power pins)

@ Brett -

A U socket has two GPIO Pin 3 and 6.

I would like to know if they are used in some way. As in possibly a reset signal or other?

Not a problem, just thought I would ask.

They’re not using them in code - which is why I posted the above description. I agree, it’s great to know if there is a use, but if there isn’t… Plus, I happen to know Mike is on holidays at the moment, and these things are still new

RESET is on Gadgeteer pin 9
PROG is on Gadgeteer pin 3

My driver will use RESET if you pass it that pin, though I haven’t tested that extensively.
PROG is not currently supported, but may be eventually.

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@ mcalsyn -

Thank you!

@ mcalsyn - Thanks for answering these questions while I was on vacation!

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@ munderhill - What would it take to put an FTDI chip connected to one of the UARTS on these boards of yours?

@ Mr. John Smith - 4 wires to hookup an existing board you can get off eBay for a few dollars.

I’ve got 9 of these Gadgeteer modules ready to go!

Driver by @ mcalsyn - [url][/url]

$10.00/each, 2 for $15.00 or 3 for $18.00 until they are gone!

Shipping not included.