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I just posted HighPower LED on Creations. Feel free to discuss and make suggestions here.


Nice one. Those look blinding enough on video so I can image in real life this is pretty bright on the eyes?

Love the module, love the video :slight_smile:

Thank you very much :smiley:

I built that LED cluster as a plant light for my chilis to grow up, and I used it for the video because I wanted to show how powerful it is. Although thats not the limit, but I have to do some tests before completing the description.

I think a nice application would be to modify some ceiling LED spots. You can for example put 3x 1W LEDs into one spot, connect it to the module and can dim your lights through the controller (Wifi, Ethernet, Wall switch, etc.)
Or if you wire one connector to one spot, you can control 3 spots with one module. Due to it’s chainability (have to test first), you can theoretically wire a whole room and control it with 3 different channels. Possibilites are endless! Only problem is I already have my ceiling light ;D

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Great video. Cool module.

Thank you :smiley:

How did your chilis do under your LED lights and how many lights did you have and how did you handle heat dissipation?

The chilis grew great under the light. I used the light when they were from about 2-5 months, after that i put them in the garden.
There are a few experiments that show that chilis grow better/faster/stronger if you choose LEDs with “better” wavelengths (red, blue). Although I only took the cheapst warm white china LEDs I could get, they grew good and had a great taste!

Heat dissipation was no problem with the big passive cooler. Just be sure that there is a little air circulation.

The whole color thing is interesting and one featured I thought of asking for was ability to change the color as I wouldn’t mind trying an experiment to see how much light frequency matters as there is debate between the McCree Curve whole light group vs colored light or even changing frequencies at different stages groups.

How many LEDs did you use in your grow light?

There are a few experiments that compare different light types. At the beginning I wanted to put red ones with 630nm and blue ones with 455nm wavelength on it, but then I saw that it works fine with the warmwhite ones, so no need for me to change it. :smiley:
Dont know how much I put on it…around 18 pcs. Each has 1 Watt.

@ Duke Nukem - The spectrum of light is extraordinarily important and can kill certain plants if the stages are not accurate in both a change in the nutrient regimen as well as the color of the light. This is mostly true for “man-made” species such as the Trinidad Scorpion Butch T Pepper. For other things, like a garden variety cherry tomato plant, it will only effect the quality of the fruit.

For plants that have 2 growth stages, such as a chilli or tomato plant, segregate the color spectrum differences by the stage:

Vegetative (seedling - early growth) : 5000k-6000k – emulates spring, a time when the plant naturally has a long life ahead of it

Flowering: 2700k-3200k – emulates late summer which tells the plant to hurry up and produce seeds and fruit so that it may repopulate next year

There are many plants that use this change in the color of lights as a trigger between the stages and some use the amount of hours the light is on. Some will even do as they please no matter what you try to do to them.

From what I’ve heard, stay away from LED’s with a power greater than 3W per diode. This will bleach the plant due to the fact that there is an intense amount of light emitting from such a small source.

This is mostly from my experiences, testing on a variety of different plants using a variety of different mediums. However, I have not taken a plant from start to finish. As @ dominik38 mentioned, I used mine to jump start my garden as some 150 plants in total will be planted each year.

I will be attempting a full grow this year of the Trinidad Scorpion Butch T Peppers indoors as it is impossible to grow outside in Michigan. I learned that the hard way last year :slight_smile:

Oh, btw, here is the peppers I mentioned, in case no one has ever heard of it: Trinidad Scorpion Butch T pepper - Wikipedia

In Short its a frickin hot pepper:
Jalapeno: 10,000-20,000 Scoville
Ghost Chili: 800,000 Scoville
Trinidad Chilli: 1,463,700 Scoville

@ James - Is the “T” in “Trinidad Scorpion Butch T Peppers” code for tetrahydrocannabinol? I always suspect indoor growers actually grow inside because they have something to hide. :wink:

Holy S*it!!

Thanks for the explanation. I’ve never heard that one should not use 3W LEDs because of the high intensity. Saw a few experiments where people used many high power LEDs, and the plants grew fantastic! (I would post a link, but it’s in german =/ )

What do you want to do with the Trinidads? Make some powder, sauce, or eat it as it is :D?

@ ianlee74 - Not at all. Indoor growing became popular (on an industry level) out of necessity. Unless you have created a new weather control unit from your Hydra, indoor growing must be used for plants that are not native to the area in which you are growing them. Regardless of what most people believe (as this is the most common reaction I get from people), my concern is being able to create a consistent year-round harvest for Ted and Gibbs (our sulcata tortoises).

I only have about 5 more years to figure this out or get a second job just to feed these guys. I’m not joking about the secondary job either. We talk to a gentleman from Michigan, as well, and between food and vets he spends ~$75k per year on 8 tortoises.

@ dominik38 primarily for giggles. I originally received a pack of seeds as a fathers day present last year. Maybe 5 years ago, before I started drinking Monster Energy, I would have eaten one. However, my long term --and abundant-- use of Monster has rendered my stomach incapable of such a thing.

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My wife would kill me if she knew that I laughed a little when I read that… so I think actually making soup is out of the question :wink:

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