Creation - Hall4913

I just posted Hall4913 on Creations. Feel free to discuss and make suggestions here.


Nice module!

Thank you! ;D

Keep them coming :slight_smile:

Good one :slight_smile:

Really nice module :slight_smile:

liked it so much I bought 2

Version 1.1 is released! :clap: :dance:

What’s new?

[em]Control the Debug LED![/em]
You can set the trigger type of the LED via a property.
Possible triggers are:

  • Permanent Off
  • Permanent On
  • Toggle when detected
  • Toggle when detection lost
  • On while detected
  • On while no detection

[em]Cheaper prices for higher volumes![/em]
1-4 pcs: 9$
5-9 pcs: 8$
10-49 pcs: 7.50$

49pcs: Get your special price!

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@ dominik38 - The project that popped into my head tonight would be perfect for these, got any left? Sent you an email.

OK I’ve got five of these modules on their way to me, looking forward to taking them for a test cruise. Wrote a 4.3 driver for them so I’m ready to roll when they show up.


I have a bunch of them and they are working really well. You might prepare yourself with some magnets also! :slight_smile:

Does this module just give a bool state or is there any measure of magnet distance/strength from the sensor, also?

@ ianlee74 - event when something coming close. And event when it disappears.

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Exactly what I need, let me know when someone opens or closes a door. I could use a switch or thirty other solutions this just mounts so much easier on the test system and given its doors already have magnets on them this was just a easy choice (but I have said that before :slight_smile: )

Look what arrived in the mail today

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