Creation - Gadgeteer Capacitive 5" LCD

I just posted Gadgeteer Capacitive 5" LCD on Creations. Feel free to discuss and make suggestions here.


cool. Is the module you use NHD-5.0-800480TF-ATXL#-CTP ?

Very nice work. I think I saw a video of it in use some time ago(?) would be nice to upload it to the modules page!
If next version has black pcb and rounded corners, that would be awesome!

@ Brett. It does.

@ Dominik38, what you see in the pics is the prototype. The ones I will sell will be black with round corners. :slight_smile:

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Very nice, very nice :slight_smile:

For those who have shown interest I am afraid I have decided to pull this design from creations.

Without many orders of 10+ as a minimum, I can’t afford to build 1 or 2 at a time as the cost is just too high and I am lucky if I make $10-15 on them (shipping costs for small quantities kill it). I can’t risk ordering 10 sets of parts and having them sitting around as the price is too much.

What I am willing to do is offer the board design as OPEN SOURCE and I will this week upload the revised Gerbers (change the wording and add OPEN SOURCE etc) and full bill of materials for the board and you are welcome to make as many as you want. All I ask is that you leave my company website wording on the boards you get made. :slight_smile:

I’ll post the link here in the next few days.

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I comprehend your point. Hard to intermediate way for your situation :wall:
How about only selling the PCBs? Would be a Win-WIn situation for everyone? Additionally it makes shipping easier.

Edit: Or a version with everything on it, only without the display? So one can get the display directly a the supplier and only has to connect it to the socket?

That might be an option dominik38. The issue is that shipping is still going to be around $45 from here with EMS (I wouldn’t trust normal post from here) and that price is up to 500gm.

This might make it expensive for some people if only ordering 1 board.

I might do both options though. Free design files and ready made boards for those who want them.

This is sad!
There has to be a way to keep the Gadgeteer creations financially feasible for everyone! …(or I will have to go back to collage) :wall:

… So to squeeze some profit out of these projects you need component order sizes of 10+ ?
So in theory, if you had guaranteed orders from 10 people then it might start to justify the effort?
Out of the hordes of non electronic developers and other curious creators, I find it hard to believe there isn’t at least 10 that would be willing to contribute to what would essentially be a Gadgteer Buyers Reward Club or kickstarter(ish) I guess.

Based on the current rate of new Gadgeteer creations, and as long as there isn’t to many $150 :wink: modules then the average cost per month for each “member” would be between $50-$200.

The tertiary benefits of this type of program would be plenty.

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Awsome idea. Does tindie support that?

For those who can and want to make their own PCB’s here is the files to do so along with bill of materials.

I’ll post the drivers (big thanks must go to Simon for these I might add) later tonight along with the settings for Fezconfig for the LCD.

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Maybe you could organize a group buy on a minimum of how many you see fit …

Sum it in a public kind of spreadsheet so every one can access and enter their details … or by subscription if you want …

Wait for the threshold to reach and only then start to order and produce … I’ve seen the same happening in other areas as well … participated, put a little patient to it and now my high-end audio DAC is up and running … (S/R up to 384/32, cd = 44/16)

The people over @ mostly use google-drive for this, but there are various candidates here …

I did a shared project like this with my bro living in another country … never saw each other and worked out just fine …

I don’t think tindie supports this, but there should be a site somewhere which supports this scenario?

ok so I’ll bite.

I hate to see a module that goes by the wayside or gets diluted like this. I also hate that the creations concept here hasn’t worked out.

When I looked at this module, I was excited - but I didn’t have a direct need at the time. Still don’t. Probably have too much of this shtuff (deliberate spelling yes). But, if you had said I’m going to make 10 of these to get a price break (if that’s where you do, whatever it turns out to be) I would have been on it. First, get the in principle commitment, and if you get past the threshold you go to the next stage of getting full commitment from people (ie paypal me your cash), and if all those things pass the gate we’re good; if we falter on the last checkpoint, we’re out, you paypal back the cash (or whatever). I’d happily buy into that - I’ve never met you but I trust you sufficiently to do that without a kickstarter construct where someone else takes a management cut. Perhaps that’s still a possibility to make this give you a return ?

And don’t feel pressured into doing that either… just a thought !

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