Creation - Bluetooth SMART

I just posted Bluetooth SMART on Creations. Feel free to discuss and make suggestions here.


Do you provide a driver?
Your site seem to be abandonned :frowning:

@ NicolasG - it’s not abandoned, Justin is too busy building modules and his next big project :smiley:

@ NicolasG - Site, what site :whistle:

And yes there is a driver etc…

Spammer! 4 posts referencing the same site.

Hi, i’m trying to use a BLED112 with a FEZ Cobra II pugged in the builtin usb port. I can’t open connection as USBH_DeviceType.Serial_CDC. It’s possible or you have built this module to solve my problem?

@ TeraWord - Using the dongle will be alot more challenging software wise to get it running…
From memory the shipping firmware has advertising turned off so it might require a firmware tickle to make it easier to use.

My problem is not to use the API of the dongle, I’ve developed a Windows application that use the module BLED112. With Windows is easy to connect and use serial protocol but with the board i have the problem to open the connection with the dongle. I wonna now if it’s possible or not. I don’t want to change the firmware of the dongle i can activate discovery using serial commands.
My problem is the time, i need this funcionality before monday.
For the future… How i can pilot your Bluetooth Smart Module? With the serial protocol? It’s possible to order 1 or 2 an ship it to italy?
(I’m sorry for my bad english)

@ TeraWord - my module is just simple serial in/out in client mode.

What are you trying to do?

can discuss offline if you want - justin at ingenuitymicro dot com

no problem to send to Italy

Any idea about the range?

Good question, when i get time i will do a range test…

Hi i solved all problem to open connection with the module BLED112. Now my serial protocol is ready for your module.

The question of the range is important and is important for me to know if the antenna is full omnidirectional and/or if it is possible for you to build a custom antenna. For example to reveal a tag in a particular direction


Is this module able to receive iBeacons ?

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