Creating Native Extensions for the FEZ Hydra Firmware

For those of you interested in creating Native Extensions to the .NET Micro Framework, I have updated the wiki article ‘FEZ Hydra - Custom Firmware Build’ with more detail on adding your own native code to the firmware that can be invoked from managed code.

Thank you to GHI for making their code available, which has enabled me to ferrit through the files and workout how they have wired thier extensions into the framework. I just copied them.


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This is great and I look forward to see what you will do next.

Thank you very much Gus!

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now that is a great Open Source software contribution.

Can you get cracking on adding Output Compare into this firmware now ? :wink:

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That is the goal. I initially did an RLP implementation, but the way interrupts are handled AIC made it difficult to write a handler for the timer (maybe someone can give me a suggestion here) so that meant I could not get reliable timing and also no background signal generation.

Hopefully, now I will be able to hook straight into the micro framework infrastructure for handling nested interrupts, unfortunately to use any of this you would need to be prepared to load a custom firmware.

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Btw. I noticed the Hydracade build write-up on the wiki, they look really good!

OutputCompare would be FANTASTIC, as it would allow my IR LED Array Module to work on Hydra.

Says the legend who transcends kings :slight_smile: Thank you[/quote]

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Thanks. It’s a work in progress. I spent today rebuilding my machine to Win8. Hopefully, once I get everything back to normal I’ll finish that up sometime this weekend.

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@ taylorza genius! Have you research RLP on G120? It seems something weird against others like FEZ Spider.

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@ taylorza - I think that the most common use of Output Compare is already done with PWM. I would be interested to know what you want to do with it.

Flashing out IR codes for your A/V equipment is a perfect example for Output Compare.

Unfortunately I do not have a G120.

Thank you.

@ WouterH already answered the core question ie. IR signals. For me it is more just the interest of doing it, this is a weekend hobby for me so it is more about the learning/fun/challenge than anything else.

I don’t know IR protocole but it is a serial communication. What about doing it with an SPI output?