Creating Custom Enclosures

I just ran across this video. Pretty simple method for creating custom acrylic boxes if you have access to a table saw.


Very nice! Of course the fluorescent yellow demo box helps with the bling factor 8)

I think they need to show their logo screen a few more times in that video… ::slight_smile:

Interesting technique. I am going to try it.

The trick is in having the V-groove blade. How will you make the cuts? A V-groove router bit maybe but I’d be concerned about overheating especially on thicker plastic. I’ve emailed Serrox about U.S. distributors.

HOLY GUACAMOLE! I just got the quote back from Serrox for one blade…

469,00 euro

  • 29,00 euro Shipping to USA

$498,00 euro (~$680 USD) for ONE blade.

Hope the router works…

Yikes :o :o :o

Yea… They must be producing them by hand one at a time.

Is the blade open source hardware?

I’m guessing not. I’m guessing they have a patent. I can’t find anyone else that makes something similar.

I think the heat issue will be a problem without some specialized saw or router that can make the cut quickly and keep it cool somehow. They’re certainly not marketing to hobbyists at that price! BUT, I’m sure there is a Maker out there somewhere who can figure out a cheaper process…

The trick with plastic is to use an air blast to keep the bit cool and clear the chips. It does not take much air just a small stream pointed the right direction.

@ Jeff Have you used this technique? What do you use to cut the V groove?