Creating a new debugger port

I’m working on a new NETMF port, and I’d like to create a new debugger port to allow me to upload and debug projects over the air using an SPI-interfaced wireless transceiver.

I’ve added a new PAL libcatproj file in the Framework\Features directory, but it’s not showing up when I start Solution Wizard from PKStudio:

How do I register my PAL with NETMF so it appears on this screen?

I figured it out – PKStudio itself has to be restarted, as it doesn’t check for changes to the libcatproj files when you launch New Solution from it.

Mark as solved, please!

Done! :smiley:

Just curious what are you porting it too?

I’ve got a WSN platform that uses an STM32F4 + CC1101 sub-Ghz transceiver. I want to be able to do over-the-air debugging/firmware uploads. So, I’m planning on moving all of my CC1101 code into native land, and implement an associated DebuggerPort for it.

It’s the first time I’ve really delved into the core framework code. It’s scary down there!

Cool! But very interesting at the same time :slight_smile: