Creating a game using gadgeteer... Sprites?


I am creating a small game using this gadgeteer with a display/joytick/buttn etc. and I was wondering how i can make sprites?

I am currently trying to create a character which can be moved using the joystick but am struggiling with this…

I need to make the character ( or sprite) move and this doesnt seem possible with the native display.SimpleGraphics. functinons


Thanks and thanks for the quick reply…

Ive taken a look at few but cant seem to find ones based on visual basic… I would use c# but need to use visual basic because i am going to be teaching this to other people

GameO/Gadgeteer does not include a game engine or special hardware for sprites.

there are open source game engines available, written in C#, but it is unlikely that they would fit into the limited available resources of the Gameo.

as Brett suggested chech the codeshare.


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Check pacman from @ taylorza. He is using sprites. His space invaders for game-o is another example on how to use sprites.

It shouldn’t be hard to port it to VB.