Create Hex files for IFU

I’m using MFDeploy(Application Deployment->Create Application Deployment) to create the hex file for IFU but the firmware update process requires 3 hex files? Where do i get the other 2 hex files from?

In the C:\Program Files (x86)\GHI Electronics\NETMF v4.3 SDK\Firmwares\G120 i see 3 files called

Which combination do i use?

You deployment is the fourth file. Those files are our firmware and not your application.

This is the code for ifu i found, is the 4th file the hex file(app.hex) i generated with mfdeploy and how is it loaded based on the code below?

is LoadFile("\SD\app.hex", InFieldUpdate.Types.Application); the missing line i need?

      public static void FlashFirmware()
        // Reserve the memory needed to buffer the update.
        // A lot of RAM is needed so it is recommended to do this at the program start.
        InFieldUpdate.Initialize(InFieldUpdate.Types.Firmware | InFieldUpdate.Types.Configuration);

        // Start loading the new firmware on the RAM reserved in last step.
        // Nothing is written to FLASH In this stage. Power loss and failures are okay
        // Simply abort this stage any way you like!
        // Files can come from Storage, from network, from serial bus and any Other way.
        LoadFile("\\SD\\Config.hex", InFieldUpdate.Types.Configuration);
        LoadFile("\\SD\\Firmware.hex", InFieldUpdate.Types.Firmware);
        LoadFile("\\SD\\Firmware2.hex", InFieldUpdate.Types.Firmware); //Only if your device has two firmware files.

        // This method will copy The new firmware from RAM to FLASH.
        // This function will not return But will reset the system when done.
        // Power loss during Before this function resets the system quill result in a corrupted firmware.
        // A manual update will be needed if this method failed, due to power loss for example.

yes. That is for application.