Create an IoT Device Using the Gadgeteer with Azure Blob Storage

Gadgeteer article in March 2015 MSDN Magazine by Benjamin Perkins.

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Two articles on .NetMF in the same month! :clap:

The other one [quote]The Microsoft .NET Framework in Embedded Applications[/quote] .NET Micro Framework - The Microsoft .NET Framework in Embedded Applications | Microsoft Learn


Cool, Thank you 8)

@ Duke Nukem - Awesome. I did a double-take on the designer screenshot…looks almost exactly like one of the projects I’m working on for a conference session…save for the camera (I’m using TempHumidity instead).

And after spending a little quality time with the demo from MS Open Tech, I’m more convinced than ever that Microsoft is right to push Azure as a component of IoT. Lots of value there, whether it’s just as a place to publish a Web API/SignalR solution, or something using Service Bus and Event Hubs.

Love to see Gadgeteer getting some of the attention it deserves! Thanks for sharing!


@ kiwi_stu - Nice to see Colin in the pages of MSDN mag, and with a nice shout-out to Gadgeteer, even if it isn’t used for his robot. :slight_smile: