Crazy talk: porting Arduino to run on GHI boards?

Looking at options for running native code on GHI boards. Anyone have any idea what it would take to port the Arduino libraries? There’s already an ARM port in the form of the Arduino Due but I’d love to use GHI’s boards instead. Crazy? (Also, I understand the C# vs Native C++ arguments - I’m simply investigating native options along with those supported (in)directly by NETMF)



There is already stm32 arduino support. What you want is already done. Just search the web.

@ jterrell - .NetMF is getting an AOT (ahead of time) compiler, so Native code is coming.

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Not so much native code, but native speed. (can’t wait btw). Of course this would make GHI’s RLP obsolete but hey progress is progress.

Yeah, I’ve read the info about AoT compilation but it wasn’t clear (to me) if it was coming in 4.4.

What I read said it would be in the next major release after 4.4. Not sure if that means 4.5 or 5.0. My guess would be 5.0 considering the size of the change.

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