Crazy idea for a new project

Some time ago I was going to use 6 of the Newhaven 5" LCD;'s to create a clock but the cost was too high at the time.

SO… I redesigned this using the smaller 4.3" high brightness displays. The PCB design is done and I will link them together and use CAN bus as the protocol between them for synchronisation. The design is based on the G120 modules.

I’ve included an S socket so I can connect a WiFi Gadgeteer module to one of the boards to give me network access.

The attached picture shows the PCB design with a single front panel. The final one will have a solid panel about 520mm long that will house all 6.

I also plan to use this same panel to make a door bell and monitoring system using a USB camera. It will send images to a mobile phone if the home is unoccupied. :slight_smile:


And this is the front panel for it. This is with the earlier PCB design.

Cosmetics such as mounting holes etc still to be added and what to use for the rear.


you’re crazy. But I like it.

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Did I hear you say you needed 5 Gadgeteer WiFi modules? Try the IL-G-WROOM02 creation ( [url][/url]).


Just the one. The other 5 modules will pass the time information via the CAN bus.

Most of the parts arrived and just waiting for the PCB’s and the G120 modules and I am all set to try this out.

The only issue I can see that might mess this up is that Glide doesn’t presently support rotated displays. I may have to check with Skewworks to see if any of his creations will do this.

Ah, I see that it needs a U socket. I have one but that is dedicated to some other function. Guess I’ll have to stick with the GHI offering for now. Sorry.

@ Dave - Sorry, I did not even notice that it was the wrong socket type :-[

Cool Idea!
I see so many people using or talking about Newhaven LCD’s. We have been using many of the displays from for years now and not had an issue with any of them. Really great place to get LCD’s from.
5.0 inch TFT LCD Display Module Touch Screen

I’ve been pointed to them a few times but I can never find a 5" or 7" with capacitive touch, at least not with the same brightness level. They also don’t have a high brightness 4.3" anywhere near the Newhaven option.