Crazy good Gadgeteer Class tonight

The idea was to limit the class to 10 people, but tonight we had 15, 13 of which were High School Students and members of their school’s First Robotic Competition team @ BGHS1482, so much thanks to @ stuart_payne, Miran Nevesinjac, Kiwi Rob and Troy Garner who came out to help give these students a first class experience, couldn’t have done it without you guys, as the students were amazed that they could build, code and test a RFID lock controller in about an hour and understand how the code and the device worked and were even able to extend and personalize the project with their own additions and features. The huge smiles were proof that they really got into this tonight. We will do it all again next Wednesday but I got to keep the classes smaller as we stretched everything to the limit tonight, space, seats, desks, systems, instructors :), it was worth it, but I’m thrashed. Gadgeteer Crushed It Tonight!!! Microsoft needs to get a bigger store for these classes.


Sounds really great…

Can you share some of the more specific details: Whats the demo setups you have on the table? What are the booklets you show? Can you share slides? Who is inviting those people? Whats the biggest challenge getting started?


That’s fantastic, Duke! Keep it going!

@ njbuch - This might answer some of your questions

As to who is inviting people to come, they invite themselves as I don’t really do much advertising other then posting some tweets and such. Now I have done some user group presentations on Gadgeteer and IoT in the past so there is some interest locally in this sort of technology so the class is really just a natural and something I’ve wanted to do for a really long time. For example the registration page for next week’s meeting Microsoft Store & billing help

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Having attended fully endorse the crazy-good nature of the class!

Now I need one on networking a Gadgeteer!


@ Squeebee - You’re in luck as I’m going to be giving a sample of the hopefully coming ‘soon’ Gadgeteer and Azure class material at Microsoft Events

You might want to bring a bat however as I’ll only have a limited number of Gadgeteer project boards available for people to work with, so there could be a scrap or two needed to get one. If you send me a message I’ll tell you what Gadgeteer components to bring if you have them so you can be the envy of all the other attendees wishing they were Gadgeteer dudes like you and rocking Azure with Gadgeteer.

@ Squeebee - welcome to the forums