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Cracy video games


Do you think you know the craziest video game already?
I don’t think so:


@ Reinhard - You owe me a new screen and keyboard! I was eating a bowl of cereal when the yeti jumped onto the Trojan horse and started using its jockey as a whip . . . .


I have an DELL 18" TFT (not working anymore) ready for pickup :smiley:


@ Reinhard Ostermeier - … I’m at a loss for words to describe what I have just seen …


OMG :open_mouth: What drug where the developers on when they made that game???


@ Aron - Sake :smiley:


Sake on crack maybe :slight_smile:
Hilarious indeed…

It could the failure of Artificial Intelligence trying to create it’s own game who knows…


I still do not know what the game mechanics are!? From the video it looks like as if you are just watching the show :think:


Apparently it is not an interactive game. It’s basically ordered as a DVD set with many hours worth of “gameplay” that have different random outcomes. Supposedly this is a betting game that’s played in bars all around Japan, which allows patrons to place bets on a horse while having a drink. This explains the many weird and unpredictable winners of each race.