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CPU Clock and Power


I am working on a low power device.

One can save power in hibernation by changing the LM1117 voltage regulator on the FEZ Mini board to a better one, it has a Quiescent Current on typ. 5 mA. This prevents one from reaching the 200 uA which the USBizi100 can do in hibernation. It should be changed for a rev 1.4 of FEZ Mini, some LDO’s has a Quiescent Current on a few uA.

Next, how to clock down/up the USBizi100 from .Net?


The FEZ boards are made to be easy plug-and-play boards but sure there is room to optimize many things, including low power. GHI provides the design files so anyone can take them and modify them to whatever fit their needs.

You can change the clock system clock using “Register” class which gives you direct access to the processor. You can also use RLP to have even better control. But note that lowering the system clock will effect everything in the system, like UART clocks so you will need to compensate for all that.