I know that coupons are only applicable to items in the Gadgeteer section. That is fine.

But why can’t I have a mixed order, with Gadgeteer items, to which the coupon applies and non gadgeteer items, with no discount?

If I have a non gadgeteer item in my cart then the coupon is canceled out…

This is more of a shipping cost issue than anything else, as I must split my order in two, one for gadgeteer + coupon and one for non-gadgeteer items…

This is an issue that needs to be addressed but it’s not a simple change. We’re looking to make the checkout system much more flexible soon to make all our lives easier. I’m sorry we can’t do this immediately but I hope you understand your feedback is being addressed.

@ Josh - can you handle it as a manual process on your end for combining the shipping in the meantime if we place two orders and mention in the comments to combine the shipping?

If we do manual them we have to cancel the coupons :slight_smile:

Manual = more work = more cost to us. We can’t afford doing this and giving away coupons as well.

Thanks for the reply.

Am I correct in saying that you apply the discount to the total and not on a per item bases? This will make it harder to exclude items from the discount…


Coupons do not seem to be compatible with Gadgeteer modules…

I have a Cerb40 in my cart with a valid coupon and as soon as I add a Gadgeteer module, taken from the link sent by mail : ) then the coupon becomes invalid because of that module : “This item is not compatiable with xxxxxxxxxx coupon.” :frowning:
Same with a lot of modules (all ?)

Now that I have redeemed my coupon, I feel if I’m forced to only order mainboards.

Is it possible to order modules with coupon or, if not, “refund” the coupon for a later use ?

Cerb40 is in the “other” section, not the “Gadgeteer” section.


But the text sent by mail and on the reward page ( ) says [em]“Only valid for products within .NET Gadgeteer and Other categories.”[/em]

Ah, they’ve changed it, then. Maybe the bug is that it doesn’t allow products from multiple categories, even though products from each of those categories would qualify individually?

Nope :frowning:

You should be able to use your coupon as described now.

Thank you !

@ Josh : sorry to bother you, but it doesn’t work :frowning:

Sorry about that Bec a Fuel, the fix apparently got cut short so not all categories were covered. I verified it works correctly now.

It’s working now. Thank you !

As a good-bye gift, here’s a free 5% off coupon : deleted (This coupon is valid through 11:59pm EDT on October 24, 2012).

Thank you all. Bye

Coupons are only for you. Please do not share with others.

@ Bec a Fuel - bye? Are you leaving us?