Couple of issues with new Gadgeteer Package 2013 R2

Firstly… thank you for releasing Gadgeteer Package 2013 R2.

I just installed in and had a quick attempt to use it with the G400HDR. However, I noticed a couple of issues. (Note sure if all are bugs or this way by design):

  1. In the Toolbox for Seeed there are two GSM modules.
  2. One of the two GSM modules look a bit strange. (No connector to click on and the graphic looks a bit squashed up). The other one looks ok, but clicking on its connector does not allow me to connect to any of the G400HDR sockets.
    3.It is impossible to add the Ethernet ENC28 module. (complains about library not found)
  3. When you click on the connector of the SD card it does not show that you can connect it to any of the sockets of the G400HDR.

I would appreciate to hear if these are bugs or expected behaviour.


What Seeed GSM module are you having trouble with? Can you take a screenshot of the problems with the GSM modules and the toolbox and post it here?

What G400HDR are you unable to connect the SD card too? Taylorza’s Codeshare entry?

Hi John.

I add two screenshots. It does not show how I can not connect the GSM module to the GDR400HDR, but when I click on the connector I just see a little red “no-entry” sign.

The screenshots also show that I see two GSM modules, and the one that looks a bit squashed.

I’m not sure… I did install Taylorza’s one some time ago. But I now just used a G400HDR that I found under Gadgeteer Mainboards. Update : I just tried to see if I can replicate the SD card issue and it looks now that it can connect to socket 10. However the other issues I described still exist.

Thanks Andre. Yeah, that probably would explain why the Cellular module can’t be connected. However I still think there are some other issues like the double GSM module and the ENC28.

It is a pity the Cellular Radio module only goes on a K socket, but I suppose it will still be possible to wire up a K socket on the G400HDR using the exposed I/O pins.

@ andre.m - Thank you for the advice. Yeah, it will be a nice new thing to try. I have not yet attempted before to compile a mainboard’s source code. Only modules so far. Darn! I wish I ordered more Gadgeteer breakout socket boards last time. They are by far the most used module board by far for me so far.

We were able to reproduce the issue with the ENC28. If you add a reference to the GHI Premium DLLs before trying to add the module on a FEZRaptor, it will work. The mainboard you are using looks like it is Taylorza’s. We do not have a G400HDR mainboard, only the FEZRaptor.

As for the extra CellularRadio, could you uninstall just the Seeed SDK and reinstall it and see if the duplicate goes away?

It will work with a u socket if you download the driver from codeplex and modify it to not require a k socket

@ andre.m - Nope, I think it was open.
@ John - [quote]The mainboard you are using looks like it is Taylorza’s[/quote]
Ok, thanks for that. That explains that then.

As the matter of fact… I just noticed in my Windows Uninstall Programs view that there existed another Cellular Module from “Device Logics Pty Ltd” with an installation date a while ago. I have a strong suspicion that was what caused the second squashed up GSM module. Anyway, I uninstalled both this and Seeedstudio SDK and then re-installed and now its right. I probably only would have needed to uninstall that “Device Logics Pty Ltd” Cellular module to fix the situation.

@ MikeCormie - Thanks for the advise. I will give it a try.