Copy file from PC to SD

I am looking for code samples that will allow me to copy file from my PC to the SD. I don’t need anything fancy just something simple like pressing F5 in Visual studio to execute a program on the FEZ Domino which copies the file.

try looking in the tutorial section.

this might be useful GHI Electronics – Where Hardware Meets Software

****** oops this will allow you to copy a files from the PCM to the fez.

I don’t understand your question… To copy files from PC to SD, I use a USB SD adapter and simply drag & drop through Windows Explorer. If you are saying you want to copy files across a network from your PC to an SD card on your FEZ then you’ll need to tell us more about what type of wired or wireless adapter you want to use.

Over the last week there was another thread discussing the same thing, specifically working as a mass storage device connected to a PC so you can drag files from the SD card onto your PC, then moving back to just a serial connection.

Fundamentally though you ned to describe how you would expect this to be used, what the use-case is. Also you might want to look at file transfer protocols to see if that will give you an indication of what you want, over a serial line.