CoOs and the SD card

I’ve been trying to wake up the SD card on the Cerb by following some of the examples given in Coocox.

They seem to have (2), the iFAT and the ub_FATfs. I tried both, but didn’t have luck with either. the iFAT seems to fail during the init because they haven’t (or I don’t see) included the actual hardware config code.

And the ub_fatfs (which looks complete) give me linker errors.
[cc] Starting link
[cc] …\obj\stm32_ub_sdcard.o: In function CmdResp2Error': [cc] C:\Users\test\Documents\FatExperiementUb\apps\Cerb_CoOs\lo_level_ub/stm32_ub_sdcard.c:2058: undefined reference toSDIO_ClearFlag’

Has anyone had luck with either, or getting the card going under CoOs?


Hmm. After digging, it looks like the linker errors in the ub_fatfs samle are caused by missing dependencies as follows:
stm32f4xx_dma.h and .c
stm32f4xx_sdio.h and .c

I guess they are missing from the documentation, or assumed or something. Now I get it to build. Of course it still doesn’t work :wink: but I’m not at the point where I can ask for reasonable help.

It dies someplace in the line if(UB_Fatfs_Mount(MMC_0)==FATFS_OK) never comes back from that. What’s odd is that the previous line executes, the CheckMedia. I tried it with and without a card in it, and it STILL passed. So I don’t know…

If anyone can lend two cents, please do.


Making friends fast, aren’t you sweetie?

Check the topic again, and sit on your hands next time. Or do you feel compelled to reply to every post, ya know, just cuz?


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This is a formal request to delete Andre.M’s unkind, and unhelpful replies to my technical question.

Thank you.

Really? I think what Andre is (rightly) pointing out is that you’re probably not going to get much community input here, CoOs is not something mentioned here a lot so few people are likely to be using it… whereas if you find a relevant forum and post there you’re likely to have a higher chance someone will be able to assist.

Great answer to the question, another golden shower of your Legendary thinking. Oh, wait, the Genius is going to respond and tell us about CoCos on the GHI platform.

Shhh… we are waiting… shh. here comes the smart man…

I like the idea of running naive code on any of our devices. Especially the open source ones like cerb. However, I am not sure this thread is heading in the right direction. So let us try again.

Have you worked with stm32 before?

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@ Familyghost - chill out man! Andre.M and Brett are two of the most friendly and helpful people on this forum. They are trying to give you useful advice.

I’ve used Coocox before and their libraries seem to lack testing as I often get missing files when you add things to projects.

It takes a fair bit of digging around to get things working but once you do, the code does seem stable enough. It’s just a shame it don’t all work as sweet as we would like.

Not many here will use Coocox, if at all, and Andre.M’s suggestion to look in the Coocox forum is probably a better place to start as the code issue you have is related to Coocox itself.

Wow, that escalated quickly.

I agree, this is probably not the place to start at. GHI uses the chip, but didn’t make it, and has no affiliation with Coocox that I’m aware of.

If you have NETMF, Gadgeteer or Cerb specific question, I’m sure we’d all be glad to help you.

In the mean time, you might want to check out that link Brett gave you. I think you could benefit from the read. :wink:

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To be fair to the OP. This board is named “Non-NETMF”, so it is questionable what is related and non-related to “our” forum. I have to admit that I would feel less friendly if somebody calls me a “timewaster”.

@ Familyghost Please do share your Coocox experience.

@ Architect - @ Architect - Honey, to be fair to Andre, he suggested that a specialized forum would be a better place to ask his question. I believe the OP’s response was inappropriate. From there the thread proceeded downhill.

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@ Mike Nice try, sugar! I am not arguing against the other forum suggestion. It the second part that tell about how question is unrelated to this forum.

@ Architect - xoxox :slight_smile:

Get a room you 2… :stuck_out_tongue: