Cool smart watch



I’m actually against these childlike looking gadgets. It’s just one of my pet peeves. Give the child a real smart watch. If was a parent, Id buy a Samsung gear for my 8 year old. Let them learn some responsibility.

@ andre.m - He’s pictured there in my profile pic (as a newborn).

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Ignoring the concept of smart watches for a second, imagine this as a version of Gadgeteer:

Instead of ribbon cables, the system uses the (now out of patent) Lego block design with embedded connectors in the studs to connect modules to the mainboard, with colour coding instead of letters to identify what can connect to where on the mainboard. Got and LED? Stick it on red studs, an xbee module? That goes on the green studs. There would of course be extension cables that stick on any studs and can get a given module away from the assembly, but the mainboard could be large enough to accommodate a number of modules (since it would be more for education than actually deploying).

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@ Squeebee - I understand your intent, however there are some problems. You’d have to stay away from colours that colour blind people can’t see. Better to use hieroglyphics. If the PCB of the main board is large, then it would cost alot to manufacture. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a Gageteer something that inter operated with Lego Technics? All we’d have to do is design some 3d printable parts.

I think a combination of the two would be ideal, colours for the majority, with icons for the colour blind. As for PCB size, I’d picture a plastic chassis over top of a smaller PCB with wired connectors.

And yeah, Technics and/or Mindstorms integration would be cool.