Cool Air Hockey Robot


Wow! So cool!

It is super cool

That’s fantastic and would be wonderful to have at a Maker Faire. I may have to build one… :slight_smile:

Out of interest Ian, how’s the kossel going?

Wow!!! Impressive to say the least.

The Mini Kossel is working great. I still need to clean up the wiring and make it look prettier but I love it and it runs almost constantly. Here’s the most recent video I have. Last week I replaced the controller board with an Azteeg X3 (very nice!).

Saw that video, but still waiting to see the printed output :slight_smile: am thinking about a Prusa i3 build.

Oh, OK. Here’s a print I gave away at a Dr. Who event last week.

I’m currently printing a couple more of the sonic screwdrivers. When I get one assembled this evening, I’ll post some close-ups. Some other prints can be seen here.

I could totally beat that robot…

I have wire cutters.

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Very cool!

Did you source your own parts or did you get a kit (like this one:

What happened with the Orange print with the spaghetti? (pics 39 & 41)

@ mhectorgato - I sourced all my parts based on a previous BoM. (thanks Joey Doll!)

The fail on the orange print turned out to be a lose belt :slight_smile: