Convert SMD to TH pads in Eagle

I just extracted the EMX part from the FEZ Cobra schematics/pcb files and started a new project. Now I want to convert the SMD pads of the EMX to through hole pads. Is there an easy way to do this in Eagle?

I would write a script to do that. It might look like a waste of time for such a task, but you will learn a lot about Egale that way.

Thanks for you answer Architect.

Funny, I forced myself somewhat to install Eagle and start to learn it (because I’m used to other PCB design software) because I could then easily copy the EMX pinout. But if it can’t perform such an basic task of converting pads, I’ll stick to what I’m used to :slight_smile:

You are welcome. I am not an expert in Egale. That was just a suggestion,there may be another way or ways to do that. May be someone more experienced in Egale can answer that here.

Wouter, if you can share the part you have, I can take a look. The way you’d do this in the sense of a Library would be to edit the part in the Library and change the pads; whether the part you have is a collection of other components or an actual part in the library would change how to do it

Brett, I took the FEZ Cobra schematics/PCB from the GHI shop page. Then I generated a library from all the parts used on the FEZ Cobra by running the “User Langugage Program” exp-project-lbr.ulp. Now I’m only interested in changing the pads of the EMX part.

ok, then open your library with the EMX in it. In there you’ll see the SMD pads as brown/red squares. You’re going to have to replace each of those with a TH pad. There doesn’t seem to be an easy way to “change SMD to TH” so you may well have to do that manually. That then comes back to Architect’s earlier point, it may be worth figuring out how to script that, so you don’t get a change in pad location.